Fun Extras

Second Chances

I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable shopping at a thrift or second-hand store. For me, prowling around those places is like being on a treasure hunt. I never know what I’m going to find. And just like a lot of the items in Sarah’s Second Chance shop, what I find often ends up with a new purpose in life.

For instance, I found a large bag of buttons for $2.99 recently.

What can you do with a big bag of buttons?

You can do this.

Or you can do this.

You could change the buttons on a favorite jacket or work on adding and subtracting with your kids. The only limit to a new purpose in life for a thrift store find is your imagination.

The printer stand in my office began life as a nightstand. I unearthed it in the storage room of a second hand furniture shop. The owner of the store said I was welcome to rummage around and see what I could find. Based on the sounds in that storage room I’m pretty sure the space had some four-footed furry residents. But I did find this.

It was painted an unfortunate mud brown color, but it was solid wood—and very heavy. I lugged it to the front of the store and was happy to pay ten dollars. When I got the stand home my plan was to paint the entire thing black. The only problem was, I didn’t have enough paint. (You didn’t think I’d buy a new can of paint for the project, did you?) So the outside got two coats of black paint and I used some leftover blue paint on the inside. And I still like the way it looks.

The only downside to a thrift store treasure hunt is that if you’re a teenager and you lose your winter hat your mother may come home with this and expect you to wear it. ($1.99!)

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